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Woman, Roman



Key skills | Roman Britain | Norman Conquest | Medieval Britain |Tudor England | Elizabeth I | Civil War



Key skills & resources


Useful general resources

Book insert to record your progress

Key terms for Year 7 - activity sheet

End of year quiz



ace historian

Introductory lesson - presentation

Find someone who - task sheet

Student charter


How can we find out about the past? - presentation

Mill drill task - curiuous facts about the past

Evidence sheet




General Romans resources

Romans - G&T Booklet

How can we find out about the Roman past? - presentation

Romans, mill drill

Romans, key words & dates activities

Romans - web quest

Revision quiz - card I .... card II


The Roman World


Life in a Roman villa -- presentation ......

Sources on Roman villas



Life in Roman towns - presentation



Pompeii: a snapshot of Roman life? - presentation

Pompeii - video questions

Pompeii artefacts



Who was Boudicca? - presentation


Roman soldier

Hadrian's Wall - presentation

Hadrian's Wall - table


Roman toilet

How civilised were the Romans? - presentation

What did the Romans do for us? - video task sheet

Card sort


End of empire

End of Roman Empire - presentation



Norman Conquest


General resources on Anglo-Saxons & Normans

Anglo-Saxon England - quiz

1066, Who's, who - card sort

Norman conquest - webquest

Revision questions - Battle of Hastings ..... Normans

Normans - reasons for success, card sort




Anglo-Saxon England - the Dark Ages? - presentation

Anglo-Saxons -reading task


Normans - Three claimants, one crown

Three claimants

Who had the strongest claim to the throne? - presentation

Information on the three claimants to the throne

Three claimants - data collection sheet

1066 hustings - task sheet

1066 hustings - voting slips


Battle of Hastings


How did William win the Battle of Hastings - presentation

Battle of Hastings - reading task, matching headings to paragraphs

Battle of Hastings - video questions

Why did William win? - card sort


Bayeux tapestry



What can we learn from the Bayeux Tapestry? - presentation

Bayeux Tapestry - reading activity


Feudal system


What was the feudal system - presentation

Feudal system - template

Feudal system - reading activity




Norman castles - presentation

Norman castles - reading activity

Norman castles - changing places activity

Castles - comparison table

Castle estate agent's brochure


Domesday Book


How did the 'Domesday' Book get its name? - presentation

Domesday Book - reading activity


William on trial


Was William a tyrant ? - presentation

William on Trial - role play cards

Changes introduced by the Normans - presentation

Changes introduced by Normans - activity sheet




Essay - peer assessment task

Essay - William's reasons for success, task sheet

Essay - William's reasons for success, assessment grid



Medieval Britain


General resources on medieval Britain

Why was the Church so important in the Middle Ages? - presentation

A life in the day of a medieval monk - presentation

A day in the life of a monk - video question sheet



Introduction to medieval realms


Who had the power - presentation

Mill drill

Who has the power - networking task

Medieval realms - card sort




Why did Henry & Becket fall out? - presentation

Edward Grim's account of the murder - source activity


Becket's death

Who was responsible for Becket's death? - presentation

Becket's murder - role play cards

Becket newspaper - task sheet, Church Times view

Becket newspaper - task sheet - Royal Mail view

Becket newspaper - task sheet, Knightly News view


King John & Magna Carta


How 'bad' was 'Bad King John'? - presentation

King John - card sort

Magna Carta - presentation

Magna Carta - true or false


The Black Death

Black Death

The causes & cures of the Black Death - presentation

Black death - video questionnaire

Black Death, 'My Story' account - presentation

Black Death - role cards



Effects of the Black Death - presentation

Black Death - cures activity sheet

Black Death - symptoms card sort


Peasants' Revolt


Why did the peasants revolt? - presentation

Peasants' Revolt - video question sheet

Two accounts of the death of Wat Tyler

Peasants' Revolt, consequences - presentation

Role cards


What was the most significant event of the Middle Ages?



What was the most significant event - presentation

Significance - task sheet, writing frane


Tudor England


Civil War

Wars of the Roses - general presentation ....

Tudor mill drill activity


Henry's problems - presentation

Tudor Reformation - students' table

Dissolution of the Monasteries

Edward VI - presentation

Changes to churches - card sort

Mary, Mary, quite contrary - presentation

Foxe's Book of Martyrs - extract

How did Elizabeth deal with religious problems?

Letter of mercy from a Catholic - template

Religious change - word search

Religious change - presentation .... table ...... taboo game ...... card sort


Tudor reformation - spelling test

How much did religion change under the Tudors? - essay task sheet

How much did religion change under the Tudors? - assessment grid


The Age of Elizabeth I
Civil War



Latest features

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