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Georgian Britain | Slave trade | Victorian Britain | Suffragettes | WWI | Dictators & WWII


Georgian Britain

Grand Tour web quest


Slave Trade

Did You Know Info - slavery

Spartacus Schoolnet - Slave Trade

The Atlantic Slave Trade - images and artfefacts

International Slavery Museum, Liverpool

Black History Month - Olaudah Equiano

National Maritime Museum - Triangle Trade

Anti-slavery website

BBC History - Olaudah Equiano biography

BBC World Service, The Story of Africa - Middle Passage


Victorian Britain

Woodlands Junior School - Victorians

Learning Curve - British Empire

History Learning Site - Industrial Revolution

BBC History - The Victorians

Spartacus Schoolnet - British Entrepreneurs

Sir Joseph Bazalgette - BBC Classroom Clips

Outbreak of Cholera in Sandgate - Kent Archaeological Society

YouTube - child labour during the Industrial Revolution

BBC History - Crime & the Victorians

Metropolitan Police - The enduring mystery of Jack the Ripper

Casebook: Jack the Ripper




National Archives - film footage of the death of Emily Davison

History Learning Site - overview of Suffragette movement

BBC Archive - a recording of Sylvia Pankhurst speaking about her mother

BBC History - Emily Pankhurst, biography

YouTube - Horrible Histories, Suffragette song

Spartacus Schoolnet - detailed encyclopaedia site on women's suffrage

Epsom and Ewell History Explorer - Emily Davison


World War One

The Schlieffen Plan - Spartacus Schoolnet

First World War. Com

BBC History - World War One

Spartacus Schoolnet - First World War, Trench Warfare

Learning Curve, World War One

Active History - Causes and Consequences

Commonwealth Graves Commission - search for ancestors

Songs of the First World War - First World War.Com

What did WWI really do for women? - BBC

Princess Mary Gift Boxes - IWM

Account of bombing in Folkestone in WWI - IWM

Remembering Canadian Troops in Folkestone in WWW


Great Dictators

History Learning Site .... Hitler .... Stalin ..... Mussolini ..... Franco


World War Two

BBC History - World War Two

BBC News - WWII, Sixty Years On

BBC Schools - Children of World War Two

History Learning Site - World War Two

History Learning Site - Home Front in WWII

Spartacus School Net - Second World War

Learning Curve (National Archives) - WWII

Active History - The Era of World War Two




Yad Vashem - International School for Holocaust Studies

BBC History - Genocide under the Nazis

Holocaust Educational Trust





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