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UK Politics


Government or public websites

Parliament UK

Cabinet Office Website

Number 10 Website

Ministry of Justice

Office for UK National Statistics

Local government website

Devolution & Constitutional Change

The Electoral Commission

Direct Gov - UK Government

The Supreme Court


Political parties

History of Main Politicla Parties

Political preferences quiz

Conservative Party

Margaret Thatcher Quote Machine

Labour Party

Liberal Democrats

Scottish National Party

Plaid Cymru



Party funding - Guardian Newspaper

Party funding - Tutor2u

Labour Shadow Cabinet - Labour Party Website

Influence of minority parties - Guardian article

Jeremy Corbyn - profile, BBC


The executive

PMQs - BBC news


Elections & voting behavior

Your voting preferences analysed

BBC News - 2005 general election

BBC News - 2010 general election

BBC News - 2015 general electio

Election Resources - spreadsheet on 2010 general election

Electoral Reform Society

UK Parliament - by-elections since 2005

The Electoral Commission

BBC News - European Parliament election results 2009

Electoral Commission - Devolved assembly elections 2007


Electoral systems

Democracy & representation - History Learning Site

BBC Bitesize (Higher) - introduction to electoral systems

History Learning Site - FPTP / PR / AMS

Electoral Reform Society - First Past the Post

Voting Counts - First Past the Post

Reasons why the AV referendum failed - Guardian article



History Learning Site - definition & history

Parliament UK - useful list of referendums held in UK

IDebate - Scottish independence


Direct democracy

History Learning Site - referendums

BBC News - Irish referendum on Lisbon Treaty

Thomas Paine - Spartacus Schoolnet

Edmund Burke - BBC History



The Times

The Telegraph

The Mail

The Express

The Sun


Pressure groups

History Learning Site - pressure groups

BBC News - pressure groups

Greenpeace UK

Friends of the Earth

Countryside Alliance

Fathers for Justice

Make Poverty History

League Against Cruel Sports



History Learning Site - House of Lords

Reform of House of Lords - Wikipedia

UK Parliament - functions of Parliament

UK Parliament - Speaker of the House of Lords

BBC News website - reform of House of Lords

UK Parliament - Private Members' Bills

BBC News - Private Members' Bills



EUROPA - European Union portal website

EU Commission

European Council

EU Parliament

European Court of Justice


US Politics

US politics - general websites

New York Times

Washington Post

BBC News - USA


US Constitution

National Constitution Center

Stateline - State policy and politics

US Census Bureau

History Learning Site - various US political themes

Stange US Laws - Information Central


US Presidents & elections

US 2016 election - BBC

Whitehouse - History of US presidents

The American Presidency Project

Watergate scandal - Spartacus Schoolnet

Federal Election Commission

History Learning Site - National Conventions

Bill Clinton & the Lewinsky Affair - BBC interactive site

Electoral colleges - History Learning Site

US Government Archives - What is the electoral college?

How the US election system works - useful BBC site with video



US Political parties

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Differences between the two major parties

Green Party of the United States

Libertarian Party

Constitution Party

The Reform Party

Peace & Freedom Party

Natural Law Party

Socialist Party

American Independent Party



US Voting behaviour

History Learning Site - voting behaviour


US Pressure groups

History Learning Site - US pressure groups

Social Studies Help - Pluralism


US Government

BBC - guide to US government, interactive diagram

Official website of House of Representatives

Official website of Senate

Library of Congress

C-SPAN - live coverage of US Congress

The Center on Congress, Indiana University

Congressional Quarterly

US Cabinet


US Judiciary

Supreme Court US

Cornell University Law School

US Courts

The Roberts Court - article by Robert Singh







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