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UK Politics


Government or public websites

Parliament UK

Cabinet Office Website

Number 10 Website

Ministry of Justice

Office for UK National Statistics

Local government website

Devolution & Constitutional Change

The Electoral Commission

Direct Gov - UK Government

The Supreme Court


Political parties

Political Compass

Conservative Party

Margaret Thatcher Quote Machine

Labour Party

Liberal Democrats

Scottish National Party

Plaid Cymru



Party funding - Guardian Newspaper

Party funding - Tutor2u

Labour Shawon Cabinet - Labour Party Website


The executive

PMQs - BBC news


Elections & voting behavior

Your voting preferences analysed

BBC News - 2005 general election

BBC News - 2010 general election

BBC News - 2015 general electio

Election Resources - spreadsheet on 2010 general election

Electoral Reform Society

UK Parliament - by-elections since 2005

The Electoral Commission

BBC News - European Parliament election results 2009

Electoral Commission - Devolved assembly elections 2007


Electoral systems

BBC Bitesize (Higher) - introduction to electoral systems

History Learning Site - FPTP / PR / AMS



History Learning Site - definition & history

Parliament UK - useful list of referendums held in UK

IDebate - Scottish independence


Direct democracy

History Learning Site - referendums

BBC News - Irish referendum on Lisbon Treaty

Thomas Paine - Spartacus Schoolnet

Edmund Burke - BBC History



The Times

The Telegraph

The Mail

The Express

The Sun


Pressure groups

History Learning Site - pressure groups

BBC News - pressure groups

Greenpeace UK

Friends of the Earth

Countryside Alliance

Fathers for Justice

Make Poverty History

League Against Cruel Sports



History Learning Site - House of Lords

Reform of House of Lords - Wikepedia

UK Parliament - functions of Parliament

UK Parliament - Speaker of the House of Lords

BBC News website - reform of House of Lords

UK Parliament - Private Members' Bills

BBC New - Private Members' Bills



EUROPA - European Union portal website

EU Commission

European Council

EU Parliament

European Court of Justice


US Politics

US politics - general websites

New York Times

Washington Post

BBC News - USA


US Constitution

National Constitution Center

Stateline - State policy and politics

US Census Bureau

History Learning Site - various US political themes

Stange US Laws - Information Central


US Presidents & elections

Whitehouse - History of US presidents

The American Presidency Project

Watergate scandal - Spartacus Schoolnet

BBC News - 2008 US presidential elections

BBC News - 2008 presidential elections, the numbers

Federal Election Commission

History Learning Site - National Conventions

Bill Clinton & the Lewinsky Affair - BBC interactive site

Electoral colleges - History Learning Site

US Government Archives - What is the electoral college?



US Political parties

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Green Party of the United States

Libertarian Party

Constitution Party

The Reform Party

Peace & Freedom Party

Natural Law Party

Socialist Party

American Independent Party



US Voting behaviour

History Learning Site - voting behaviour


US Pressure groups

History Learning Site - US pressure groups

Social Studies Help - Pluralism


US Government

BBC - guide to US government, interactive diagram

Official website of House of Representatives

Official website of Senate

Library of Congress

C-SPAN - live coverage of US Congress

The Center on Congress, Indiana University

Congressional Quarterly

US Cabinet


US Judiciary

Supreme Court US

Cornell University Law School

US Courts

The Roberts Court - article by Robert Singh







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