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General resources


AS Politics course guide

Politics mill drill - introductory task

Student-friendly mark scheme for units 1 & 2

Revision guide - Unit 1

Revision guide - Unit 2

Revision guide - Unit 3 (Part 1) (Part 2)

Revision planner - Units 1 & 2

Revision checklist

Revision cards .... electoral systems.... electoral systems II ......parties

A2 Politics course guide

US Politics quiz

Revision cards ... Elections ... The US Executive .... Congress..... Parties ...

A2 US History revision planner .... Unit 3 ..... Unit 4


AS Politics



Introduction to AS Politics - presentation

Course overview

Introductory task - greatest PM .......... student table


Voting systems

Why do we have elections? - presentation

Role of elections - networking task

How representative are our MPs? - presentation

UK electoral systems - presentation

Electoral systems used in the UK - guess the system

First Past the Post - presentation

FPTP - evidence table, for & against

FPTP - mind map, key features

FPTP - card sort, pros & cons

Voting systems - card sort

Voting systems - soundbites

British elections - true / false

Alternatove voting systems - presentation

Alternative voting systems - evidence table

Alternative systems - card sort

Alternative voting systems - group task

Is PR such a bad thing? - presentation

Single party v. coalition government - presentation

Coalitions - card sort

Direct democracy - presentation

Referendums - presentation

Referendums - reading activity

Referendums - activity



UK Constitution

UK Constitution - study guide

Key words II (Constitution) - matching task

What is a constitution? - presentation

Sources of UK Constitution - presentation

Examples of preambles

Sources of the Constitution - reading activity

Reform of the Constitution - presentation

Reform of the Constitution - reading activity



Judiciary - study guide

Powers & functions of judges & courts - presentation

System of UK courts - template

Are judges out of touch? - presentation

Are judges too powerful? - presentation

Independence of judiciary - scales chart

Judicial review - reading activity


Parliament - functions & membership

Parliament - study guide

What are the key functions of Parliament? - presentation

Westminster v. Whitehall model - reading activity

Are MPs value for money? - presentation

How representative are MPs? - presentation

Why do we need an Upper Chamber? - presentation

Wakeham Report - reading activity

Select committees - reading activity

Standing committees - reading activity

Committees - evidence table

Committees role play, PM ..... Comittee Chairperson


Parliament - powers

Parliament powers - study guide

Parliamentary sovereignty - presentation

Do governments dominate Parliament? - presentation

Elective dictatorships - scales chart

What opportunities are there to scrutinise the executive? - presentation

Do MPs make a difference? - presentation

Is Parliament in need of further reform? - presentation

Parliamentary reform - presentation

Reform - discussion task



Europe, history of the organisation - presentation

Europe timeline

Main institutions


Political parties

Functions of the party system - presentation

Differences between left & right - presentation

Left- v. right-wing - card sort

Labour Party - presentation

Labour Party - card sort

Conservative Party - presentation

Lib-Dems - presentation

Party Finance - presentation

Party Finance - scales chart

Organisation of the parties - presentation

Organisation of the parties - evidence table


A2 Politics


Introduction to US political history

US Presidents - mill drill

US political History - task sheet

US Political History - timeline

Roaring 20s - presentation

Wall St Crash & Great Depression - presentation

New Deal - presentation

New Deal - video task

McCarthyism - presentation

McCarthy trial - role play cards

Watergate - presentation

Watergate - chart


Presidential elections

Presidential elections - presentation

The requirements of US presidents - presentation

Campaign finance - presentation

Role of the media - presentation

Role play task - Democrat candidate, Republican Candidate

National Nominating Conventions - presentation

Functions of NNC - evidence table

Balanced ticket - presentation

Electoral Colleges - presentation

Electoral Colleges - scales chart

2012 US Presidential election - web quest


Electoral systems

Direct democracy - presentation


Political parties

Is the party over? - presentation

Party differences - presentation

History of two main parties - evidence table

Democrats v Republicans - card sort

Congressional party committees - student table

Comparing US & UK political systems - evidence table


Pressure groups

Why are there so many pressure groups - presentation



Introduction to US judicial system - presentation

Introduction - mill drill

Introduction - what should a judge be, networking task

Membership of the Supreme Court - presentation

How liberal or conservative are you? - questionnaire

Membership - students' table

Appointment process - presentation

Appointment process - students' table



The powers of the president - presentation

Power of a president - networking task

Controversial presidential use of power - student table




Revision at a glance - elections

Revision at a glance - political parties

Revision guide - ... Congress .... Presidency




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